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Learn the Bible in a Year – Paperback

Genesis to Revelation in 365 Lessons in one convenient paperback book.

The Bible is a difficult book, and a little explanation can be helpful. This easy-to-use guide will help you see what is most important without being buried in details. The reader will learn more about the Bible in a year than most people do in a lifetime.


Learn the Bible in a Year – Kindle

Read on the go! Learn Genesis to Revelation at your own pace.

These 365 lessons highlight all of the major stories of the Bible. For those who want to read the Bible in a year, or learn the Bible from cover to cover,  these lessons teach the big story and the me story of the Bible.


Uncommon Wisdom – Paperback

This collection of wisdom sayings is pithy yet comprehensive.

Uncommon Wisdom is the perfect gift for the person who is seeking answers to life’s great questions. A valuable read for both youth and adults, this collection of Christian aphorisms will be something you will return to again and again.


Uncommon Wisdom – Kindle

 Read it soon and learn what you should have known.

Uncommon Wisdom is a compilation of little nuggets of advice for living a godly life into an easy-to-read volume.

Biblically based wisdom isn’t lost on youth, but the messages are most impactful when effectively targeted.


Learn the Bible in a Year – PDF