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After he made the stars, God created birds, fish and every other creature (Genesis 1:20-25). Over a million species of life on earth have been catalogued, and that is probably only a tenth of what exists. If the name BOB written in the sand proves intelligence at work, how much more the world and all its amazing creatures!

Hummingbirds are a fine example of God’s intelligent design. They are the smallest birds in the world, and some weigh less than a penny. Their wings rotate a full circle allowing them to fly forward, backward, sideways and even upside-down. They fly about twenty-five miles an hour, and can dive up to sixty miles an hour. Some can fly over twenty hours without rest, and migrate over two thousand miles. They breathe over two hundred times a minute, and their hearts beat over a thousand times a minute. They visit about a thousand flowers a day, and pollinate every flower they visit. How many are your works, Lord! In wisdom you made them all (Psalm 104:24), wrote the Psalmist.

The more carefully we examine any living thing, the more clearly we should perceive the God who made it.