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There was a time the universe did not exist, and this is powerful evidence for the existence of God. If anything is clear to us, it’s that something cannot come from nothing. If there was nothing more than a single grain of sand in the entire universe, it would still prove that God exists, since out of nothing, nothing comes.

Nevertheless, some have argued that the universe is eternal—and if it always existed then it did not need to be created. But in the last century scientists discovered the universe is expanding, and therefore must have had a beginning.

If you play the movie of an expanding universe backward, you will see it becomes smaller and smaller, until it no longer exists. And if you play the movie forward again, you will see the universe pop into existence at a particular point in time. An expanding universe proves that it is not eternal. And since it began to exist, it must have been created. The creator we call God.

In fact, God is the best explanation for the space/time universe in which we find ourselves. When I was a child I tried to imagine the beginning of time. I traveled back to the very first moment when everything began. But then I wondered, What was before then? Then I traveled to the edge of space where I could only imagine a massive brick wall. But then I wondered, What’s on the other side of that wall?

We cannot imagine the beginning of time or space, but we can easily think of the God who made them both, because that is how he designed us. Time and space find their source in God and lead us back to him.